Randi E. Moore (née Tucker)

Linguistics Doctoral Candidate, ABD
Linguistics, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York


Address:  609 Baldy Hall, Buffalo NY 14260–1030

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I am a doctoral candidate in Linguistics at the University at Buffalo, having defended my dissertation proposal in December 2013. My dissertation "Spatial language and cognition in Diidxa za (Isthmus Zapotec)" focuses on two aspects of spatial language in Diidxa za: linguistic and cognitive practices of reference to geographic-scale and small-scale space, and lexical resources for the description of geographic entities such as land and water forms. My dissertation committee consists of Dr. Juergen Bohnemeyer (chair) (UB Linguistics), Dr. Jeff Good (UB Linguistics), Dr. David Mark (UB Geography), and Dr. Gabriela Pérez Báez (Smithsonian Institution, Anthropology).

My research interests include spatial semantics and cognition, semantic typology, field work and documentation, and language and geography. In my time at UB I have been active in the UB Center for Cognitive Science and have worked closely with Dr. Bohnemeyer and other project members of the MesoSpace Project in my capacity as Research Assistant.

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