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Word Designed a unique business in which I would want to find myself employed with in the future and proceeded to create a hypothetical job description. Job description includes:
  • List of required qualifications/skills
  • List of responsibilities
  • List of details such as salary, location, title, etc...
  • Use of a table to organize parts of the aforementioned information
  • Use of bullets to organize parts of the aforementioned information
Job Description Assignment 3
Word Developed a resume incorporating skills I will have acquired in CSE 101 such as:
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office
  • Experience creating web pages using the HTML markup language, from scratch
  • Use of virtualization technologies such as Oracle VirtualBox
  • Linux command line environment experience
Resume Assingment 3
Excel Displays a knowledge of various pieces and tools offered in Excel to create a completed CSE 101 grade book for 10 fictional CSE 101 Students. Includes:
  • A weighted average
  • Normalized scores
  • A separate overall lab assignment, quiz, and exam average for each student
  • A calculated class-wide homework, quiz, and exam average
  • If a student is passing or failing
  • A Pie graph that represents the point breakdown for this CSE 101 grade book
  • A column graph that plots normalized exam, quiz, and homework grades for each student
Gradebook Assignment 5
Excel Designed an edited worksheet which forecasts the permit revenue that the City of Orange Blosson Beach expects to collect in the next 5 years that incorporates:
  • What-If-Analysis
  • Chart data organized in a line chart
Project 3D Assignment 5
Power Point Formatted a presentation by inserting and formatting WordArt and SmartArt graphics Project 2D Assignment 6
Power Point Created a 6 slide presentation about myself that included the following content:
  • My name
  • My class standing
  • My major
  • What type of job I will be looking for (or higher education) after I graduate
  • My favorite sports team
  • What I like about UB
  • What I would want to change about UB
  • A summary slide highlighting things I have learned in CSE 101

The following stylistic expressions were included in my presentation:

  • Pictures
  • A template slide design
  • Text animations on each slide
  • Slide transition animations from slide to slide
Project About Myself Assignment 6

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