Qian Ying Chen, the Wiz Kid!

A photo of a wizard cat

Who is she?

I enjoy long walks on the beach and watching the sunset with my twelve cats. My hobby includes pressing buttons at a desk for several hours at a time and petting every cat. My dream is to become a professional cat judger. Yellow is my favorite color, the sun is yellow. Therefore by association, the sun is hot.
I am excited to see where this class leads and wish to make more innovative, unprecedented, revolutionary, -insert more synonyms for mediocre here- websites for your viewing pleasure.
Thank you for your time.

Let's Go MFC215

  1. Creating CSS Pages
  2. Creating a Table Webpage
  3. Creating an HTML5/CSS Compliant Webpage
  4. Adding Special Effects to Webpage using CSS
  5. Creating a Form Webpage
  6. Multimedia Webpage
  7. Javascript Webpage
  8. Adding Javascript Validation to Form page
  9. HTML "Wow Me"

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