Assignment 1 - Create Your Web Home Page

Create a basic website and host onto ubserver

Assignment 8 - Create an HTML5 Form Page

Create a HTML5 Form page

Assignment 2 - Create a Set of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Web Pages

  1. Inline
  2. External
  3. Embedded

Create a Inline,External,and Embedded website

Assignment 9 - Create a Multimedia Web Site

Create a multimedia website

Assignment 3 - Create a CSS-styled Table Page

Create a page with a table

Assignment 10 - Create a JavaScript Web Page

Create a page that uses Javascript

Assignment 4 - Create an HTML5/CSS3 Compliant Home Pgae

Create a html file that is verified

Assignment 11 - Use JavaScript to Validate Your Web Form

Use javascript to validate website

Assignment 6 - Create an Advanced CSS Web Page

Use CSS for your html

Assignment 12 - Create a Final "Wow Me!" Web Site

Final project web site

Assignment 7 - What Makes a Good/Bad Web Site Discussion

Discuss about what is good or bad web design

Assignment 13 - Krug Book Web Site (Extra Credit)

Extra credit