Principal Investigator

Craig R. Colder, Ph.D.

    Dr. Colder is the Principal Investigator of the Adolescent and Family Development Project.  He directs a multidisciplinary team that includes faculty from UB, Buffalo State University, University of Washington, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Emory University.  Dr. Colder received his doctoral degree from Arizona State University in 1994, and completed post-doctoral training at Duke University Medical Center and The Health Policy and Researcher Centers at University of Illinois at Chicago.  His area of interest is in childhood and adolescent behavior problems, and the development of substance abuse.



Project Coordinator

Dawn Keough

    Dawn is the project coordinator of the Adolescent and Family Development project. She received her B.A in sociology from Buffalo State College. Dawn has worked on several NIH grant funded projects at the Research Institute on Addictions in Buffalo from January 1999 to November 2006, at which point she came to UB to work on this project.





Research Staff

    Yonghee Lee

        Yonghee Lee is a data analyst for the Adolescent and Family Development Project.





Graduate Students

    Samuel Meisel

       Sam is a doctoral student in the Child and Family Development Lab. He studied psychology as an undergraduate at Boston University. Sam's research interests are in understanding the multiple influences (individuals, family, peers, community) that contribute to adolescent substance use. Specifically, Sam's work has focused on the social (e.g. social norms, peer behavior) and motivational (e.g. social goals, substance-related cognitions) factors that lead to the initiation and escalation of adolescent substance use. Outside of research, Sam enjoys working out, playing soccer and basketball, reading, and watching movies.



    Katie Paige


       Katie is a doctoral student in the Child and Family Development Lab. She studied psychology and Spanish as an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame. Katie’s research focuses on the intersection of substance use and psychopathology across development. Specifically, Katie is interested in the mechanisms by which early substance use impacts the developing adolescent brain, and how this process may precipitate the onset of mood and anxiety disorders. When she’s not in lab, Katie enjoys hiking, spinning, and cheering on the Irish during football season.




    Nolan Ramer


       Nolan is a doctoral student in the Child and Family Development Lab. He studied psychology and business as an undergraduate at IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis). Nolan's research interests lie in understanding the individual (personality, affect, attitudes) and interpersonal (family, peers, broader social contexts) factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of adolescent substance and psychopathology. Specifically, Nolan's work has focused on how adolescent personality (e.g. sensitivity to punishment/reward) and family (e.g. parent substance use, general parenting, substance-specific parenting) factors interact with one another to contribute to substance use attitudes and behaviors in adolescents. Nolan also enjoys playing piano, exercising, reading, & hiking.


    Trenten Foulkrod | Incoming MA student from St. Louis University

    Blair Ganoe | Incoming MA student from Villa Maria College