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I graduated with Master's in Computer Science from University at Buffalo in Dec-2016. I have 3.5+ years of professional work experience in software development field. I worked for over 3 years in Accenture in backend development in Java and recently interned at Health Research Inc. Roswell Park Division working as Front end Developer in Angular2 JS for Summer and Fall 2016.

I have a keen interest in Algorithms and Data Structures, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Web/Mobile Development.

I love to work on challenging problems and make significant contributions to interesting, high-impact projects. Currently, I am seeking full time opportunities in software development field where I can utilize my academic and professional skills towards consistent growth of the organization.

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University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering | December, 2016

Current GPA: 3.3/4


  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Information Retrieval
  • Machine Learning
  • Distribured Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Security
  • Algorithms For Modern Computer Systems
  • Data Mining and Bioinformatics

Devi Ahilya University, Institute of Engineering and Technology, India

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology | May, 2012

GPA: 3.91/4

Honors: First Division with Distinction (Top 10% of the class)


  • Data Structures
  • Operating System
  • Computer Networks
  • Software Architecture
  • Database Management System
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Engineering
  • System Programming


Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, US

Software Engineering Intern | July, 2016 - Present


Patient Assisted Video Education (PAVE) | July, 2016 - Dec, 2016

Skills: Angular2 JS, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, Flex, Videogular2.

The project is a web application aimed to help cancer patients to better understand and educate themselves about their current medical condition. The application recommends treatments to the patients by taking into consideration several factors based on the patient provided scans and reports data. The application also provides interactive video based education for specific treatments. Apart from this it also recommends necessary scans to the patient.

My Contribution:

  • Developed the application from the scratch. Was actively involved in requirement gathering and application design.
  • Quickly learned and implemented the application using latest Angular2 JS web technology.
  • Implemented the project independently and coded all the key reactive components, services and directives of the application leveraging Typescript.
  • Wrote app design code using HTML5, SCSS and flex.

Accenture, Mumbai, India

Software Engineering Analyst | Jun, 2012 - July, 2015


Meter Data Management System (MDM) | Apr, 2013 - July, 2015

Skills: Oracle MDM, Java, Hibernate, Junit, Xpath Scripting.

The project was aimed to meet the upcoming demands of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology by providing foundational components, delivering Oracle SGG for collecting Openway Meter Usage, Remote Order Fulfillment (ROF) and additional functionalities in MDM solution for the largest utilities company based in United States. The project spanned 3 releases to cater specific requirements of different states in US.

My Contribution:

  • Developed code in Java in Commissioning, VEE(Validate, Edit, Estimate), Certification, Billing, SGG (Smart Grid Gateway) modules of MDM.
  • Developed meter commissioning and certification batch jobs in Java that processed ~1.5 million meters on a daily basis.
  • Implemented meter read correction and estimation algorithms in Java and XPath scripts to handle incorrect reads in the MDM system.
  • Created Detailed Design document from the high level requirements, fixed numerous defects and performed Unit Testing using Junit framework.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Awarded GRID Champion in Sep, 2014 and received appreciation from Accenture Leadership for excellence in knowledge sharing.
  • Awarded monetary performance award twice during 2013-14 for outstanding performance in the quarter.
  • Received appreciation from leadership for successfully organizing several Fun Friday activities and project events as an active member of “Great Place to Work (GPTW)” team at Accenture.

Meta Data Management System | Sep, 2012 - Mar, 2013

Skills: Java, JSF, EJB, XHTML, Hibernate, EasyMock.

Project was aimed to develop an application named Data Governance, which would provide users the authorization to access various client applications and data. The client was Credit Suisse Bank based in Switzerland.

My Contribution:

  • Developed code in different modules of project using Java, JSF, Core Java, EJB using JAP/TIPD as a development platform.
  • Developed 5 complex UI's of the application using XHTML and was awarded best developer for building complex UI's.
  • Highly appreciated for developing a module with zero defects.
  • Implemented end to end business logic of 3 module of the application in Java and EJB as per detailed design document.
  • Performed unit testing using EasyMock Junit framework and increased the code coverage from 20% to 95%.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Received an appreciation directly from client for significant increase in Junit code coverage in a limited time.
  • Awarded monetary performance award twice during 2012-13 for outstanding performance in the MDMS project.

Academic Projects

Handwritten Digits Classification (Python, NumPy, SciPy) | Spring 2016

  • Classified handwritten digits in MNIST dataset consisting 60,000 training samples through Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network.
  • Implemented feed forward and back propagation algorithm incorporating regularization. Achieved 94.4% accuracy on test dataset.

Predicting Diabetes Level (Python, NumPy, Matplotlib) | Spring 2016

  • Predicted diabetes level in patients using five machine learning techniques a) LDA & QDA, b) Linear Regression, c) Ridge Regression, d) Ridge Regression using Gradient Descent, e) Non-Linear Regression and compared their performance.
  • Performed classification on a sample data set using linear and quadratic discriminant analysis.

Amazon Dynamo (Replicated Key Value Storage) (Android, Java, Socket Programming, MultiThreading) | Spring 2016

  • Designed and implemented a simplified version of Amazon Dynamo which provides linearizability and availability.
  • Implemented Quorum replication with replication degree 3 and provided object versioning to differentiate stale copies
  • Incorporated functionality for handling node failures and ensured synchronization on node recovery.

Distributed Hash Table (Android, Java, MultiThreading) | Spring 2016

  • Designed and implemented a simplified version of Distributed Hash Table.
  • Implemented simple Key-Value storage based on Chord design with ID space partitioning/re-partitioning, Ring based routing and Node joins.

Multi Lingual Search System for Tweets

(Java, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Apache Solr, Twitter Bootstrap) | Fall 2015

  • Crawled the Twitter API through Java to collect tweets in 5 languages. Tokenized and Indexed ~12000 tweets using Apache Solr.
  • Performed cross lingual analysis by leveraging language detection and query translation and expansion.
  • Implemented the UI using Twitter Bootstrap to display query results and performed data analytics on search results.

Graduate School Recommendation System

(Android, PHP) | Fall 2015

  • Developed an Android application for suggesting universities and providing university specific information to graduate students applying in US.
  • Gathered the requirements, created detailed design and performed unit testing and functional testing of the app.
  • Designed and developed the app in Android Studio, used PHP for backend processing and deployed it on Amazon AWS EC2.

Android Group Messenger (Android, Java, MultiThreading) | Spring 2016

  • Developed an android group messenger application implementing Basic Multicast, Total and FIFO ordering of messages.
  • Implemented process failure handling to maintain integrity of message ordering.
































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