Patrick M. Francis

Self Portrait, definitely no post-processing

Hi, I'm Patrick, a Computer Science major at UB. Although this is my first semester here, I do already have a degree in TV and Film from a previous school.

As of this point I already have a skeletal understanding of HTML, but aside from the fact that I never fleshed out that knowledge enough to become proficient, my learnings came from a time predating HTML5 and CSS3 (I have a textbook that mentions the Netscape browser!). Resultantly, I'm essentially starting anew. Given that web design isn't part of the CSE main curriculum, I figured that this would be an invaluable skill to add to my repertoire. Web sites and the Internet in general are fairly popular, as it turns out.

Separate from that, I listen to music, watch films, read books and articles, and, given that I'm once again enrolled at a university, apparently really enjoy debt.

I understand <br /> tags,
As you can see
But nothing I had written
Warranted their use, to me

Movie Title Director Year
Stroszek Werner Herzog 1977
Umberto D. Vittorio de Sica 1952
Solaris Andrei Tarkovsky 1972
Werckmeister Harmonies Béla Tarr 2000
Wings Of Desire Wim Wenders 1987
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