Peter Krahn


My name is, Peter Krahn & I am a senior at, SUNY Buffalo working on a BA in, Mathematics (intend to be done in May 2017).

After I complete my, undergraduate degree, I would like to pursue two, Master's degree's in, Adult Education & in,Applied Mathematics with an intention to also pursue a, Bachelor's degree in, Computer Science down the road. My career goal is to, teach Mathematics at a, community college level.

Prior to coming to, SUNY Buffalo, I was a student at, Erie Community College ,where I did take some programming classes there such as, CS 111 (Introduction to Computer Science), and CS 103 (Web Development & Design)


This Fall 2016 semester I, am taking the following courses:

  • MTH 353 - Introduction to Combinatorics I
  • MFC 215 - Programming for the Web
  • MFC 303 - Data Communications/Networking.
  • I work full-time & go to school part-time. In my "free time" I enjoy listening to music (pretty much any genres), getting together with friends, classic TV shows, and going to concerts. Please click on the links below to find about more about me !!!!!!


    1. Create Your Web Page
    2. Create Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) Pages
    3. Create a Table Web Page
    4. Create an HTML5/CSS Compliant Web Page
    5. Add Special Effects to Your Web Page Using Cascading Style Sheets
    6. Create a Form Web Page
    7. Create a Multimedia Web Site
    8. Create a JavaScript Web Page
    9. Add JavaScript Validation to Your Web Form Page
    10. HTML5 Wow Me
    11. Krug Book Essay/Presentation (Extra Credit)