Currrent Teaching (University at Buffalo)

  • Present 2016

    BE 461/561: Introduction to Biomedical Image Analysis

    I am the director of this course, and offer this course every Fall semester.  The course is designed for BE seniors and first year graduate students.  This course focuses on computational quantification of biologically relevant micro/macroscopic structures in biomedical images.  Students will learn how (i) raw data is acquired before digitization;  (ii) to read, display, and interpret various medical image data types using a computer;  (iii) to detect, segment, and quantify heterogeneous structures in biomedical images;  (iv) to leverage features extracted from biomedical images for classification;  (v) to setup experiments in MATLAB via script writing for biomedical image analysis.  Image analysis problems related to fluorescence and brightfield microscopy and fluorescence molecular tomography systems and corresponding biomedically relevant computational image analysis tools will be discussed.  Simulated and real images of these systems will be used for quantitative analysis via MATLAB based script writing.

Teaching History (Washington University in St. Louis)

  • 2009 2007

    Linear Algebra & Matrix Calculus, Math Stats, Linear Models, Multivariates, and Detection & Estimation Theory (Study Group Instructor)

    My classes usually had 10-15 participants. Responsibility was teaching as well as assigning, grading, and correcting homeworks for junior graduate students. I was also responsible to prepare and update the lecture notes of these classes. Each of these course materials consists of dedicated handouts, lecture notes, and problem sets.