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Phani Ram Sayapaneni

Software Developer

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Programming Experience

1.)Programmer, University at Buffalo(2016): Centre for Hearing and Deafness

To program Real Time Processors(TDT) and design a system to conduct experiments on Deep Brain Stimulation. Worked on revolutionary research related to human hearing and neuroplasticity of the human auditory system. Working closely with a team of Research Scientists, MIT Post Doctoral Scholars.

2.)Programmer, University at Buffalo(2015-2016): Bio Acoustics Lab

Developed an interface based on Matlab for the investigation of acoustic communications in animals. Worked closely with a team of 8 researchers to encapsulate significant results through the interface.

Research Experience

1.)Researcher, University at Buffalo(2016): Materials Characterization Lab

Characterization of 2D materials(Wse2, Graphene) which might be replacement for silicon in next generation electronics. Experiments typically involve Raman Spectroscopy, PL measurements.

2.)Research Intern, Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute: Reconfigurable Computing Systems Lab

Worked on Reconfigurable Computing Systems to accomplish a system for Structural Health Monitoring. Implemented a processor based system inside Xilinx FPGA and developed its driver files to establish communication with a network of wireless sensor nodes.

My Current Location

Contact info: phaniram@buffalo.edu