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By Peter

league of legends

My name is Peter, I am curently a student at University at Buffalo. My major is Pharmacy, I am planning to graduate in 2017. I am Junior and I graduate Ub undergrade this semester. Next fall I will be starting my first semester as a Ub Graduate student at UB School of Pharmacy. As you can probabily tell my favorite color is orangered.Some of my hobbies are playing games, working out, playing basketball and watching TV. I spend most of my time playing League of Legends and studying. League of Legends is MOBA aka Multiplayer online battle arena. It is currently the most played online game right now and it is free!. I like to play this game with my roomates and friends back home. It is a strategy game that requires some skill and ability to work with others. It is not a game that you can win by yourself, you will need the help of your teamates. Each game takes about an hour long so I some times play to pass the time inbetween classes.

Some of the websites that I find interesting

The places I want to visit the most in the world ranked from most to least

  1. Hawaii
  2. Paris
  3. Japan
  4. England
  5. Australia
The difficulty I had making this website was 1010. However the fun I had was 101000

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