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Portfolio of Projects and Initiatives

Project Description Prj. Manager
Strategic Transformation Projects

Servers and Services Consolidations Projects

Exchange Email Consolidation
Unix Email Consolidation
Database Consolidation
Workstation Security
File/Print Services
Windows AD


Workstation Standardization Report (Word)

Reduce unnecessary complexity, take better advantage of economies of scale, improve support


Shared Service Desk (PPT)

Improve support for faculty, staff and students by integrating IT support into a seamless service



Replace 75 PBX systems and Verizon Centrex service with consolidated Voice over IP (VoIP) network-based telephone service and enable long-term cost savings


HR Transformation

e-PTF: electronic PTF system



All funds budget management and reporting


Student Systems Assessment

Replace student record-keeping systems to meet current and future functional needs, and replace obsolete infrastructure

mUB: Mobile UB Campus
Plan Overview mUB Plan Overview and Project Information  
Mobile Learning Provide infrastructure and applications to support mobile learning and a mobile campus  
Wireless Coverage Expand wireless coverage to provide a pervasive wireless campus  

Implement pre-award and post-award grant management system in collaboration with SUNY University Centers

UBMail: New Web Mail Product

Product has an improved user interface and replaces a product no longer supported by a vendor

Network Initiatives

Wireless Build-out

Accelerate installation of wireless connectivity across campus

Work with city of Buffalo for wireless service offering


Fiber Projects

Extend regional fiber network and UB network service continuity


Network Access Control

Remove network access for compromised machines without disabling other services

Network upgrade

Keep up with demand, improve reliability, and meet VoIP networking needs

Service Continuity
Backup and Upgrade Enterprise data backup server and storage library upgrade/replacement  
Data Center Service Continuity Improvement Relocation of enterprise-wide infrastructure to other on- and off-campus locations to improve survivability  
Identity Management

MyUB reduced sign-on implementation

DCE replacement

DFS replacement by Network Appliance

SEVIS Replacement

Vendor discontinued product

Technology Classroom Upgrades

ITST recommendation, faculty need, changes in teaching and learning models


Consolidate/reorganize security operations

Develop a virtual Security Operations Center for the campus

Consolidate and improve system and network security monitoring

PCI compliance: must meet security requirements to continue to accept credit card payments

Next Gen Public Computing Labs

Transforming public computing spaces into informal learning spaces

NextG Networks Partnership Improved cell service reception on campus  
E-Req Project

Implement additional electronic purchasing capabilities

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