Student Evaluation Form

Optionally, we can have a 6 digit passkey which gets sent to the professor, then they can send that to each student by email(or in class announcement). This would then be required in order to submit a course evaluation. I am not sure what you wanted to do with "tracking" students, that is if you wanted to see if students took a specific course evaluation or not.
Course Number(from database): 
Name of Instructor(from database):
Semester and Year:


Please rate the following:

1. The Instructor is punctual in class and office hour responsibilities(A=Almost Always; E=Almost Never)
2. The Workload is one of the (A=lightest; E=heaviest)
3. The difficulty level of activities and materials are (A=extremely easy; E=extremely difficult)
4. The text(s) and readings are (A=among the best; E=among the worst)
5. Rate how well the syllabus, outline, and other overviews helped you understand course goals/expectations (A=very well; E=very poorly)
6. Rate the usefulnes of outside assignments in helping you learn (A=very well; E=very poorly)
7. Rate how the various elements of this course worked together to help you learn(A=very well; E=very poorly)
8. Overall how much did you learn?(A=exceptional amount; E=almost nothing)
9. Overall rating of instructor's teaching effectiveness compared to other university instructors (A=among most effective; E=amoung least effective)
10. Overall rating of the course(A=one of the best; E=one of the worst)