The Fight over Achilles' Corpse. (ca. 540BCE) Vase painting: lost Chalkidian amphora, formally in the Pembroke-Hope Collection

Late in the ten-year conflict Troy has yet to be captured. Here we see Achilles, greatest of the heroes on the Greek side killed by Paris (far right) from an arrow shot in the ankle, his only vulnerable spot. Ajax, second-best after Achilles, spears Glaucus and fights off other Trojans intent on hauling off Achilles' corpse, as Athena lends support. (Note orientation of lettering: left to right for the names of Ajax and Achilles, right to left for the names of Glaucus [Glykos] and Paris.)

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Athena Achilles Ajax (Aias) Glaucus (spelled Glykos here) Paris