Lab 3: Leaflet

In this lab, we utilized Leaflet and GEOJson to create various Slippy Maps of Buffalo, NY. Base Maps were taken from Stamen Maps, and OpenStreetMap.

The Map above was created using Leaflet's opensource GIS data. By adding the Latitude and Longitude coordinates to my code, I was able to add a blue marker to indicate UB's North Campus, located in Amherst, NY. A Stamen Watercolor Base Map was used to design this map.

The map above was also created using Leaflet, as well as GEOJson, in order to integrate geographic point data about vacant houses in Buffalo, NY onto our map. In order to do this, we converted our point data that represents vacant housing in Buffalo, NY from a shapefile to the GEOJson file format using QGIS. A pop-up tool was also added to each data point on the map to inform users of the cost of each vacant house. The grey scale base map was taken from OpenStreetMap.