In this lab we utilized Carto, which is a cloud based SaaS that gives us access to GIS and web mapping tools for our web browsers.

The map above shows all of the airline routes out of Vancouver International Airport (YVR). In order to do this we manipulated our map using the GUI and SQL to edit particular attribtues, such as flight routes for each airline from a given airport, or curved route lines to show the influence of the great circle.

Below is another interactive map showing all of the flight routes out of Buffalo International Airport. Feel free to navigate flight routes from a few different airports! All flight information and data were taked from

The third map is a chloropleth map which illustrates the current levels of drought severity within the United States. Using a blog post from Carto called Make a Thematic Map Of Current Drought Conditions, I created a map that contains a data layer of these drought conditions. The data I used has been consolidated into a shapfile here: US Drought Monitor. This year the drought severity has been exceptional in Southern California, Northern Georgia, and Connecticut.