Challenge Project

For my challenge project, I decided to visualize the outreach agricultural produce has to public schools in Erie County, NY. To do this, I used Carto, which is a cloud based SaaS that gives us access to GIS and web mapping tools for our web browsers.

On this map, I georeferenced all of the public schools in NY state, as well as the agricultural land use areas. I also georeferenced the Grassroots Farmers Markets throughout Buffalo, NY.

The point of this map data visualization is to see the outreach of agricultural produce, as well as the effects access to fresh produce has on public school standardized test scores.

I utilized the MMQGIS Pluginwithin the QGIS application to georeference all of the points on the map.

References: CUGIR: Erie County Agricultural Districts

Here is a link to the lab document from GEO 485: Lab 1: CartoDB