Ph.D. Research Summary

    My Ph.D. research has been focused on nanoscale wireless communication and networking, specifically on intra-body electromagnetic (EM) nanonetworks at THz and optical frequencies. Intra-body nanonetworks consist of miniaturized nanomachines, e.g., nano-biosensors, that are either implanted or floating inside the body fluids such as blood. These nanosensors are capable of measuring vital parameters at (sub) cellular levels and communicate the obtained data between them or to an external interface, e.g., a wearable medical device. This novel technology enables a plethora of applications including cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, enhanced sport and fitness wearable devices, and unrivaled bio-identification mechanisms for authentication and secure access. Moreover, the interconnection of intra-body nanonetworks with classical wireless networks, and ultimately the Internet, will lead towards the Internet of Nano-Things, the ultimate cyber-physical system enabling unprecedented human-machine, machine-machine and human-human interactions. The Internet of Nano-Things is a new converging discipline that spans several branches in Engineering, Science, Nanotechnology, and Biology.

    The applications of EM nanoscale wireless communication and networking are not limited to intra-body communications. For example, the knowledge, tools and skills that I have acquired to investigate the interaction of EM-waves at THz and optical frequencies with (sub) cellular components to develop new wireless channel models; the dual-physics EM-thermodynamic analysis needed to define optimal modulation and coding strategies; and the optimization algorithms developed to maximize reliability and range in nano-communications, can be extended to different scenarios that can evolve into a plethora of interesting state-of-the-art research in this discipline.

Current Research Interests

  • Electromagnetic Nanonetworks in the Terahertz Band (0.1-10~THz) and Optical Window.
  • Nanoscale optical communications, with applications on in-vivo wireless nanosenor networks (iWNSNs) and Wireless Network-on-Chip.
  • New physical, link and network layer protocols and theory for ultra-fast Terahertz band networks.
  • Internet of Nano-Things.

Previous Research Experiences

Graduate Research Assistant - Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Sep. 2009 - Apr. 2012

  • Survey on resource allocation in multi-carrier cognitive radio networks.
  • Throughput optimization in OFDM-based cooperative cognitive radios.
  • Adaptive interference temperature approach for throughput improvement in OFDM-based cognitive radios.

Robotic Team Member and Leader - IAUCTB, Sep. 2003 - Sep. 2006

  • Design and implementation of electronic circuits and boards including sensor controls, motor drivers, and robot-human interfaces for real rescue robots.
  • Surveyed and operated electronic circuits and devices:
    • Microcontroller (AVR \& PIC) and microprocessor circuits, Ultrasonic, IR, Laser Scanner sensors, CO2 detector, Thermal Camera, IR Temperature sensor, Compass, Stepper and DC motors, Character and graphic displays (LCDs).
  • Designed and fabricated several projects using PIC microcontrollers:
    • Digital speedometer of vehicles, Signal level monitor on graphic LCD, Stepper motor controller board and status display (on LCD).

BSc Thesis - IAUCTB, Sep. 2004 - Sep. 2006

  • Designed and fabricated analogue telecommunication transceiver.
  • Designed, fabricated and patented "Transceiver of Vital Signs of the Human Body through Telephone Line".