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Artist Statement

I am a full-time academic administrator and re-emerging artist following a long hiatus to raise a family. This empty nester now, happily, has time to paint. I began studying art at 12 years old privately with Joan Primerano, a prominent local Buffalo artist. When Joan fell ill and passed away my studies continued within the confines of art classes in high school. I continued to draw and paint during my college years, but stopped when I had children. Art supplies from then until 2009 were limited to pencils, markers, and water colors. Both of my children are now grown and artists in their own right and I have finally picked my brushes back up. The process is, for me, peaceful and pleasurable. I love the emergence of something from nothing. I love the planning, the drawing, the color mixing, the painting, and finally the image that materializes on my canvas.

My medium is primarily oil paint. I have worked in pen and in watercolors and have enjoyed those as well, but oil seems to be the medium I am best suited for. Although I am discovering graphite and charcoal lately as well. The malleability of oils allows me to experiment and to work at my own pace since I am primarily a weekend painter. And I am happy to have discovered upon this return to oils how much more environmentally friendly it can be to work with oils now. I use mineral spirits instead of turpentine and recycle every bit. All mineral spirits go through two passes before going to the town chemical disposal site. Much of my palette paints at the end of each session are mixed for reuse for my grayscale underpaintings. Very little gets thrown away.

I do not yet have a favorite genre, nor do I yet have a recognizable style. My art is still a work-in-progress. Every painting is a new learning experience, a study in color, value, and composition. I am still surprised when a work is finished if I have mastered something new or captured what I thought could not be captured. I have been influenced primarily through my studies in art history. I have only recently come to appreciate more modern abstract and contemporary art through a better appreciation of how art is curated and how it meets the personal needs of artists and their clients. I have acquired this appreciation from other artists in my own family-my cousins and my children. But, I am still a traditionalist at heart.

My goal is to build an inventory of work that someday might be exhibitable and sale-worthy, to master my art to a degree that might allow me to conduct workshops and teach, and to have the pleasure of seeing my work on my friends and clients walls.