noise_pollution is a large-scale audio project for locational device positing the Buffalo River as an index to the myriad social, technological, cultural, and economic factors contributing to this storied Western New York waterway. Currently in the design phase, the completed noise_pollution will consist of nine sites, or chapters, dotting six miles along the river’s course, with aural content accessible to participants navigating on foot, in cars, or by water. Treating the river as a collectively produced text, noise_pollution reads the landscape like an index, archive, or catalog of an ecosystem comprised of every chemical ever dumped into these waters; every legacy toxin to leech into its sediments; each heron to wade in its shallows; every duck bobbing atop its eddies; all gutters, storm drains, or sewer pipes channeling rain, snow, or ice melt throughout its watershed; each carp or bullhead to dodge the lure of every cast by anglers foolishly fishing its depths; every laborer to work along its banks and each shareholder of any multinational corporation ever to open or close a factory in South Buffalo; every train to cross its bridges and every car parked atop each lot paved across its littoral zone; and each flush of each toilet in each household, business, office, church, school, museum, hospital, or hotel sited within the Erie Basin.

This website is a brief document of the first stage toward the development of the larger noise_pollution composition. Currently, there is content for only one of the final nine chapters, Red Jacket River Front Park. The experience of this initial location is represented here by a selection of five audio samples, each embedded within a different page. To listen to each sample, click on the corresponding links in the navigation bar above. To return to this page, simply click on the image at the center of each sample page.