Hi, I am Parag

I am currently a graduate student at The State University of New York, at Buffalo in the Computer Science department. I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering at The University of Mumbai .

What I love

Software Development

I am a software developer with professional experience in Web Development. I love JS. I have worked on the HTML5-JS-CSS3 platform with libraries such as:
Backbone.js Underscore.js jQuery Paper.js Require.js PIXI.js Animate.css
Soon I realized that VanillaJS has no replacement and dived into the deeper realms of JavaScript to make the most out of this fabulous language.
Recently, I came across a powerful search tool, Apache Solr , and used it in my Twitter search and analysis project.
I also developed interest in Python scripting and created image processing scripts in it.
I hve also worked previously in Java and continue to do so. The object oriented world was redifined by Java and it surely has no replacement.


I love playing drums. I have been trained at JohnsMusic for about 8 months and have been practicing on my own since then. Drums make me feel alive. Any logical or creative mental block gets blown away the moment I am with my drumkit.




I am passionate about theatre. I headed the undergraduate college theatre club called The Natakwahlas Theatre Company . We performed in state and national level competitions and won awards for the best script and best performance. We also organized many state-level theatre festivals and performed at the Prithvi Theatre .
During my undergrad, me and 4 of my teammates together fabricated a 3cc IC engine remote-controlled car which was fuelled by nitro-methane. We participated in IIT Bombay and VNIT Nagpur car racing competitions. We finished in the top 12 for 2 consequitive years (2010-11, 2011-12) in IIT Bombay competition and stood Third and First for the same years respectively.

I believe in "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

Professional Experience

Sep 2015
  • Tweet search and analysis
  • In this system, a user is able to search a database with more than 10,000 tweets in English, German, Russian, French and Arabic. The user can enter his search query and get appropriate matching tweets as results. The very first result is a summary of the user's query pulled from a wikipedia article, if available. The user can follow the respective article as well. The matching tweets are displayed below the summary. User can filter the results based on language, location, sentiment (positive, negetive or neutral) and other options such as most recent, most followed, or most popular. Graphical analysis of the results are also available for the locations and organizations.
    The basic overview and usage instructions can be found in this video
    Apache Solr Java HTML5 JavaScript CSS3 jQuery
  • Sep 2015 - Present

  • Image Segmentation using mean shift clustering
  • A python based program to segment images using the mean shift discontinuity preserving filter. The mean shift clustering technique uses different thresholds for range and spatial domain. Input to this system is color image and output is a segmented image using the said filter. The mean shift clustering technique identifies local maximas(peaks) in the freuency and range domain, separating them from the neighborhood. This way we can analyze images and preserve abrupt changes in a region separating them from other, relatively constant regions.
    The project can be found here. The report can be found here.

    Python NumPy OpenCV
  • Sep 2015 - Dec 2015

May 2015
  • The Concord Consortium
  • I led a team of 5 developers to deliver 30 Interactives in 3 months which explained fundamentals of science to students from grade-k to grade-5. I built the interactive shell, custom preloader in VanillaJs(asynchronous preloader that handles internal dependencies) and a common component called Animation timer for the project.
    HTML5 JavaScript CSS3 PIXI.js Backbone.js Underscore.js jQuery Animate.css
  • Mar 2015 - May 2015

Feb 2015
  • Math Techbook
  • Worked for the Discovery Education’s Math Techbook project which contained interactives to explain Maths for students. I single handedly built a Touch Manager module which aimed at simulating mouse events for touch events. It was a core compoment to be used across interactives. So interactive developers only had to attach mouse event handlers and the interactive worked seamlessly in desktop as well as touch environment. The necessity that led to the creation of this module was the advent of hybrid devices exposing web apps to touch and desktop environment at the same time.
    HTML5 JavaScript CSS3 Paper.js Require.js Backbone.js Underscore.js jQuery Animate.css
  • Feb 2014 - Feb 2015

Jan 2014

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