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Title Date Created Last Modified
Gear Jammer 01/22/2008 11/22/2009-
LCG 01 04/15/2009 -
Muscle Claw - SMA 01/05/2008 10/17/2009
No Wind Chimes 02/24/2009 -
Outrigger 01 03/09/2009 12/08/2009
SonicQAD 10/18/2009 -
Sound Block - Push Sensor 01/12/2008 11/19/2009
Willit Walka 01 3/9/2009 11/3/2009
Velika the Puller 10/13/2007 11/15/2009
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Project: NXT Output=>HiTechnic Prototype Board=>7 Segment Display


This single digit display was the direct result from efforts to clean out my junk parts inventory; not some grand design to create a cleaver piece of circuitry. It would be far simpler to display the digit on the NXT screen using the display block. Yet I can imagine this becoming part of a much larger circuit (someday).

Click to Download zip file
588 KB file includes:
-Document in PDF format
-higher resolution photo of Prototype circuit

Project: input device = Velleman Metal Detector Kit - K7102

V1.0 12/8/2009

This project was initiated to determine the feasibility of using the inexpensive Velleman Metal Detector Kit (K7102) as a NXT sensor. The initial thought was to use the LED indicator on the metal detector to trigger the light sensor on the NXT. After assembly of the kit and re-reading several sections of Extreme NXT Extending the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT to the Next Level, a direct connection to the sensor port seemed possible.

The NXT was able to detect the voltage output change from the metal detector when metal was placed next to the coils. When pulled behind a robot the signal was used to stop the robot but the detection area was small and sensitivity varied over the length of the coil. The chances of finding barred treasure may be slim but not impossible.

For this preliminary report, little effort was made to optimize the sensitivity of the metal detector. The design of the voltage divider was given a large safety factor and could be redesigned. The connection to the NXT and program might be modified to increase sensitivity. Optimization can be investigated in the future or by anyone so inclined.

Click to Download zip file
612 KB file includes:
-Instructions in PDF format
-LEGO Digital Design file
-2 NXT-G Programs

Project: input device = Atari Joystick + HiTechnic Prototype Board

V1.0 10/30/2009

This project uses the binary inputs of the HiTechnic Prototype Board to interface an old Atari joystick to a LEGO NXT sensor input. In this project the joystick is used to control the drive motors of a small mobile robot.

Click to Download zip file
524KB file includes:
-Instructions in PDF format
-LEGO Digital Design file
-NXT-G Program
-Required MyBlock - IsEven

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