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My name is Olivia and I am a freshman at the University at Buffalo. I am intended Speech and Hearing Sciences major with an intended minor in Education. I hope to become certified as a Speech Pathologist after college and work in a school or private clinic. Aside from studying, I like being outside, hanging out with friends, and staying fit. I am also an avid dog lover and have a passion for music.

Places I Have Traveled

Places I Want to Travel To...

I love music and I can play the bassoon. This is a link to my favorite bassoon video.

Disney Bassoon Quartet

Here's another one in case you couldn't get enough of the first. And just in time for the holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

I like to believe that dogs are the best animal on the planet. Animal Planet had a show I always loved to watch.

Dogs 101

I was in New York City his spring and was lucky enough to meet Daniel Radcliffe and get a picture with him!

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