Groves Conference on Marriage and the

Judith L. Fischer
Texas Tech University
Past President
Mary W. Hicks
Florida State University
Marilyn Coleman
University of Nebraska
Virginia Hayes Sibbison
Welfare Research, Inc.
Membership Chair
Connie Steele
University of Tennessee
At-Large Members
Roma Stovall Hanks
University of Southern Alabama
Jo-Lynn Cunningham
University of Tennessee
Michael P. Farrell
University at Buffalo
Program Chair
1997 Conference
Eleanor D. Macklin
Syracuse University
Corporate Member
Robert G. Ryder
University of Connecticut
Academy Members
Catherine S. Chilman
Paul C. Glick
Vera C. Mace
Robert G. Ryder
Marvin B. Sussman
Lifetime Members
Jessie S. Bernard
Catherine S. Chilman
Margaret Feldman
Eleanor Macklin
Robert G. Ryder
Barbara H. Settles
Virginia H. Sibbison
Marvin B. Sussman

1998 Groves Conference on Marriage and the Family