Closed-Loop Irrigation

Project Management

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To date, our project has stayed totally within the confines of our schedule. To stick to the ambitious agenda we have created for ourselves, a large amount of attention and diligence must be paid to every detail. Every Friday morning at 11:00 AM our group members meet to discuss the tasks that need to be accomplished for the following week. Every group member has been good at attending each of these meetings, and it is a rare occurrence if we are not all present. Furthermore every Monday at 4:50 PM our group meets with our assigned TA to review the upcoming assignments, along with the progression of our physical prototype. Between these meetings, the members of our group stay in touch through the app Group-Me. Within the next week we will complete the purchase of the four main components of our prototype (Pump, Arduino, Valve, Moisture Sensor), and begin creating a comprehensive program to control each feature.

Member Roles within Project

At the beginning of the semester we sat down as a group and discussed one another's strengths and weaknesses. We took our time and carefully analyzed exactly which role would best suit each member's unique abilities. This process has undoubtedly streamlined everything from decision making and coordination, to completing various assignments and physically constructing our prototype. This has paid dividends as everyone focuses their time to their particular role which minimizes arguments or disagreements. To date, we have not missed a single assignment deadline.

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