Closed-Loop Irrigation



Group 14

MAE 494 Design Project, Spring Semester 2016

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

State University of New York at Buffalo

Problem Statment.

The development of a closed-loop irrigation system would revolutionize the concept of irrigation and allow for the most efficient agricultural production the world has ever experienced. Closed-loop irrigation will significantly reduce water consumption all across the globe, increase the number of crops harvested per acre, and save thousands for both farmers and consumers. The closed-loop design would allow the system to operate with little to no user input. By analyzing the results of its own processes, a closed-loop system can make the appropriate corrections to optimize agricultural production and reduce water use. A cost effective closed-loop system would aid farmers and small communities all across the globe, allowing them to increase the amount of crops they can harvest significantly. By tailoring the physical structure to each application, a closed-loop system will operate effectively in almost any environ where agriculture is possible. By running independently of human interaction, no special skills are required to own and use a closed-loop system, making it easy for independent farmers to operate. Ease of use plus increased efficiency lead to increases in production and reduced cost.

Deliverables Description Completion Status
Prototype A prototype will be developed to verify that the design will function as intended Completed
Design Drawings Drawings will be created of the prototype with accurate specifications regarding each component involved Completed
Analytical Updates All processes and progress involving the analytical and design process will be recorded In Progress
Design Review Report A report will be prepared based on the analysis of the design Completed
Final Report A final report will be prepared that entails all the work performed throughout the project In Progress
Group Profile Information about each member of the group and their contribution to the project Completed

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