Closed-Loop Irrigation

Group Profile

Group Members

Member Picture Name Role
Nathan Wilson Nathan Wilson Editor: Reviews and edits reports and website to ensure consistent writing and flow. Verifies proper formatting of reports and ensures compliance with instructions. Assigns tasks related to completion of reports.
Adin Fidahic Adin Fidahic Project Coordinator: Manage group meetings and sets agenda for such. Verfiies that the project is operating as scheduled and has not deviated from the Gantt chart. Delegates jobs to other group members.
Emmanuel Sadek Emmanuel Sadek Prototype Manager: Manages technical tasks related to fabrication of the prototype. Manages procurement of materials and commercially available components.
Benjamin Catillo Benjamin Castillo Technical Manager: Manages development of system subsystems and interactions among these. Conducts validation of design methodology.
Moon Bin Hong Moon Bin Hong Webmaster: Manages the group website to ensure progress is effectively reported. Updates the website periodically as indicated by the course schedule.