About Me

My name is Nelson Vega and I'm a Communications Major at the University @ Buffalo and a local wny resident.
Coming from a less fortunate back-round, I grew up a product of my environment. I hung out with the wrong crowd
which led me to drop out of high school and then, I entered the real world. After a few years of living on my own, I
realized I wanted better, so it was then when I decided to turn my life around. After getting my GED I attended community
college and got my Associates degree in liberal arts and science and have now been working on my bachelors in Communication.
I plan to go on to Law school after graduating and see what life has in store for me.

If there is any one with questions or would like to conact me, my email can be found here

One of my interests is hydroponic gardening.C.E.A. or Controlled Environmental Agriculture is a modern approach
to growing plants. Every aspect of growth, including lighting,nutrient uptake and environment is controlled by the
grower. This control enables the grower to achieve astonishing results, even better than mother nature herself! I've
had a bit of success and sell my produce to local restaurants and "mom-and-pop" shops.

Racing is another one of my hobbies. I participate in road racing events, drag racing, scca solo, and will
be trying out for the Pro Drift Series in 2015. I drive a Twin Turbo 350z that I've personally built over the past
2 years. Still have some tweaking to do, but as of right now the 3.5L forced induction engine puts out over 600hp
and 550rwhp at 14psi. The twin Garret ball bearing turbo's have a maximum of 24psi, so my goal of 700hp is in
reach with a little more work. Owning the car has been an experience in itself, helping me learn automotive technology
in a more intuitive way.
For more information about motor-sporting events in you area visit scca.com

The following is a list of the following events in the north-east.
November 1, 2014:
Jackson Gore Resort-New England Region
November 8, 2014
New Meadowland Stadium-New Jersey Region
November 9, 2014
Farmers Hay Field-New York Region
November 9, 2014
TBD-Finger Lakes Region
November 22, 2014
Perry's Park- Finger Lake Region