Web Portfolio

UB Human Resource Services: This site  consists of well over one hundred individual pages that represent four units of the Controller's area at UB.  Some of the technical highlights of this site are Java drop-down menus, Java animated banners, uniform  site style, cgi mail script, and interactive forms.

Management Information Systems Association (MISA): My UB School of Management club that represents students interested in pursuing a career in  information technology.  This site includes a Java navigation menu, a Java update ticker, a
Java graphical animation, and custom graphics.



World Hockey Institute: A brochure site that contains schedules and camp information.  Technical highlights include Javascript Rollovers, site style, and custom graphics.

The Woodhouse: Promotional site for a small woodworking firm.  Includes a Macromedia Flash splash page, site style, e-mail form, digital photos, and custom graphics.



My Camaro Web Site: This site contains information on both Camaros, auto performance, and car audio.  Some of  the features of this site are animated page graphics and transitions, Java animated navigation buttons & scripts.

Cruzer's Web Site: My dog's web site contains a pictorial view of her growth from 2 months on.  It also  contains Macromedia Flash animations, a custom site style, links to other airedale sites, a email  response form, and custom graphics