Nicholas Arpaia

My name is Nicholas Arpaia. I am currently a senior at University at Buffalo, who hopes to recieve a degree in Politcal Science this upcoming summer. When Im not doing school work during the year, you can usually find me on the Golf course either caddying or playing.
This semester I have decided to go a bit outside my realm and try two computer and programming courses, this along with MFC 101. This is my internet page for MFC 215 containing my "Programming for the Web" assignments.

Final-Essay Wow Me

What I Learned For The Final- Part 2

Final-HTML5 Wow Me

What I Learned for Final- Part 1

Assignment 9-Add JavaScript Validation to your Internet Page

Adding JavaScript Validation

Assignment 8-Create a JavaScript Internet Page

JavaScript Internet Page

Assignment 7-Create a Multimedia Web Site

Multimedia Web Site

Assignment 6-Add Special Effects to Your Web Page Using CSS

CSS Advanced Web Page

Assignment 5-Create HTML5/CSS Page

HTML5 Internet Page

Assignment 4-Create a Form Web Page

Form Internet Page

Assignment 3- Creating a Table Internet Page

Table Page

Assignment 2-Adding CSS

This assignment entails three different internet pages which contain elements formatted using three different CSS Styles