Nicholas Ottati

Nicholas Ottati's Website

Hello, My name is Nicholas Ottati. This is my Project 6 web page for Computer Science 111.
On this page you'll find a little bit about myself and what I plan on doing with my life. Let
me start by saying this class has been fun and I hope to continue taking Computer Science classes
while they fit my schedule. If have any questions to ask me please e-mail me at the address .
Thank You.

About Me

I am a History and Political Science double major and I code for fun during the little free time I have. I plan on going into a career with the federal government through and internship with the CIA or the Department of Homeland Security. Both departments offer internships for my major and give me the opportunity to affect the world, and America, in a positive way. I've always been interested in politics above all things and I can't stand it when our political leaders constantly make the same mistakes that have been made in the past; that's where my love for history comes into play. I have a wonderful girlfriend who I've been with for about a year now and it's going very well.

I spend most of my time on the weekends watching football... and studying of course. Football and school work consume my life during the semesters but in the end of each semester I am finally freed to do what I want. Over the Summer I play football in a travel league, I'm the starting wide receiver. However, I have to get paid first! I work as an electrician for Local 3 on Monday through Friday from 7- 2:30. Overtime is always available if I want some extra money. This is my only/main job opportunity every year.

I am a die hard Giants fan since birth, not to mention a love for baseball was rekindled this year due to the excitement and success of my favourite team, the Mets. My interest in baseball died with the 2007 Mets failure in the post season. I was young, and naive to abandon the sport so easily. I am very big into music. I sang and played guitar throughout high school and continued into college. I played in a band back home and we put some videos on YouTube but we haven't posted anything lately. If you're interested check it out, we're called Unorganized . I'll be sure to post some more videos.