Tuition Scholarships may be granted by a university department to a graduate student who is a teaching or graduate assistant performing services for their department. The tuition scholarship covers the cost of tuition which is applied to the students account in lieu of pay. In some but not all cases a stipend could also be awarded to the student. The student is however responsible to pay any additional fees that are billed on the account by the specified due dates the University sets forth. Failure to pay the fees will result in a $30.00 fee each billing pass in which the students is liable. All tuition scholarships received in the student accounts office should include: funding entity code, the dollar amount or the number of credit hours covered, be signed by the student, funding department, chairman, dean and state reason for not having filed for tap in order to be processed. The Office of Student Accounts and Institutional Studies copies are the only copies that are necessary to submit to student accounts.