I am taking LIS506 this semester. You can find all my coursework and other information on this page.

According to the course syllabus, This course introduces students to key concepts of information technologies that support library and information services.

Topics Covered
I have learned the following topics so far:
  • Basic computer and computing concepts
  • Network technologies
  • WWW and HTML
  • ADOBE Dreamweaver

Here are links to my exercise pages:
  1. Initial Test
  2. Test 1
  3. Test 7
  4. Test 8
  5. Test 9
  6. Test 10
  7. Test 11
  8. Test 12
  9. Test 13
  10. Test 14
  11. Test 15
  12. XML file
  13. Week 10: Web 2.0 Exploration

Class assignments
Here are links to my assignments:
  1. Assignment 1: Computer Storage and Memory
  2. Assignment 2: Group Project
  3. Assignment 3: Resume
  4. Assignment 4: Interests Page
  5. Assignment 5: ER Diagram & Database

My project is to design and develop a website for a real organization. I am working with my teammates right now to find a client.
Weekly Final Project Activities
Week Activities
Week 1 Understand requirements, find a project team.
Week 2 Locate a client
Weeks 3-7 Work collaboratively and plan with group

You can visit my website for more information about me. Or contact me by email.