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Nicholas Swartz

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I am a junior accounting major from Niagara Falls, NY about 20 minutes away from Buffalo.
I have always loved math and business in general and that coupled with the influence of
people in my life pushed me into working toward a career in accounting.


My hobbies include swimming, national politics, and coin and exotic currency collecting.

Work History

I have worked with Delaware North in Niagara Falls State Park for going on 7 years now.
Orignially as a cashier in the giftshops and now currently as a cashroom supervisor and
Accounting intern.

In addition, I have been working at Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th in the Fashion Outlet Mall in
Niagara Falls for just over a year now as a sales associate.


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Our Project!

For our group project we built a database to help store all information related to student disciplinary
cases handled by the UB Student Advocacy & Judicial Affairs Office. Using this database employees of the
office can quickly look into all information about a student's case including information about what incident
the referral was written for, what location the student is scheduled to complete their community service
at, and when their completetion of community service is due. Using this database, employees can quickly
and efficiently organize and handle cases that they have traditionally done using only paper files.

Check out my group website made for "UB's Student Advocacy & Judicial Affairs" here.

Or go directly to my group's database made to streamline the office's business needs here.

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