Project 5

Project description

For this project, we created a chloropleth map of the density of U.S. states. To create this map, we used Mapbox Studio. The first step was to load our geojson data of state population densities to our Mapbox tilesets. From here, we started a map and added the "Light" style to it. Next, we added a new layer and added our geojson data. We then edited this layer and called it "less-than-10", added a filter to the data to select states with population densities less than 10, and then edited the color style and rgba values. Once this first layer was complete, we copy and pasted the layer and re-edited the data filter and color to reflect the other density values. This was repeated to create eight layers.

Once all of our layers were completed, we grouped them all together so they could be edited simultaneously. We then moved the grouped layers below the state-labels layer to better see the labels and also moved up the Waterlayers so they were better visible. Since we aren't converned with city-name, this layer was turned off. The last step for the map was to add a halo to our state-labels. With the map complete, we published it and then embeded it as an iframe.