My name is Nadine Kennedy and I'm currently a junior attending the University at Buffalo. I am majoring in International Trade with a minor in Management. This past summer, I spent 10 days in China as part of the Entrepreneurship delegation of the International Scolars Laureate Program. The program was super fun and involved a case study competition which included creating a new product based on needs we saw in the Chinese market and developing a marketing plan. In addition to China, I also spent six weeks on an archaeological program in Crete with one of my professors at UB.

I was born here in Buffalo and I have a dual citizenship in the United States and Canada. Since one side of my family is French-Canadian, I can speak (almost) fluent French. I have lived in 3 states (New York, Texas, and California) and 3 countries (US, Canada, and Singapore) which meant that my high schooling was done primarily online to better facilitate the moves. Traveling is a huge passion of mine (13 countries and counting) and the next major solo trip I'm planning is to visit Nepal and hike to the Mt. Everest base camp!