MGS 351


Welcome to my website!


Hello! I am currently a junior in UB's Accounting program.
I am active in two clubs: B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers and Sisters In Christ)
and the Zeta Theta chapter of Beta Alpha Psi.
Outside of school, I enjoy refining my skills on the guitar and bass
and spending time with my friends and my beautiful fiancee Alyssa.
I plan on graduating in 2016 and getting my masters and my CPA the following year.
After that, I'll have a good job, a great wife, and a happy life.
You can find my Resume here!

This semester I have learned a lot of valuable skills from MIS.
I've learned more than I have ever known about computers and the internet,
as well as lessons about working with others in group projects.
But now the semester is over and I have to show all that I've learned...
Here is the link to our Group Website,
and there you will find my group's Database that we worked so hard on.


If you have any questions or comments concerning me or this website,
Please e-mail me here!

Or find me on FaceBook!