Marissa Bell

PhD Candidate, University at Buffalo


PhD Geography, University at Buffalo (2019 Expected)
MA Geography, University at Buffalo (2013)
BA Geography, King's College London (2011)


Marissa Bell is a PhD candidate, Dean's fellow and instructor within the Department of Geography at the University at Buffalo (State University of New York) and also teaches within the the University at Buffalo-Singapore Institute of Management program. Her doctoral research examines the social geography, political economy and energy justice of ’consent-based’ nuclear waste siting policies. Other previous work has centered on energy justice and socio-political acceptability of alternative energies including wind, and the risk tradeoff between climate change and nuclear energy risks in the context of the Fukushima disaster (MA, University at Buffalo, 2013). She has also examined variegated neoliberalism and regional identities in shaping policies of European Union integration while studying for her BA at King's College London. Her research engages approaches of energy justice, political economy, and energy geography to analyze critical energy infrastructure and inform public policy debates over community involvement in infrastructure decision-making.

Course Taught

GEO 100: Geographic Perspectives and World Issues
GEO 330: Dynamics of International Business
GEO 426: Seminar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
GEO 426: Environmental Governance, Resources and Sustainability