By MaryJean Zajac

Like a raindrop falling from a rose I fell,
Slowly caressing each crease as if to say
Remember me always, for I cannot stay.

Shimmering in the daylight its beauty I cannot touch.
Beckoning me closer, I long to hold it near to me.

Gently I wipe the tears from its folds,
Somehow believing that another day will bring us together.

By MaryJean Zajac

After all this time
I'm still loving
After all this time
I'm still caring
After all this time
I'm still wanting
After all this time
I'm still . . . here

By MaryJean Zajac

Laboriously walking through this place
which holds every fragment of a time past,

Memories saturated with ardor
as it slowly washes the face of passion,

Needing to forget
Afraid of disappearing,

Regretting the things never said
Grateful for the moments of pleasure,

Keeping it all safe within
wishes for the best ever.

By MaryJean Zajac

They promised there would be peace at Christmas.
They promised there would be happiness.
Joy appears in disguised faces of plastic,
Ersatz demeanor to shroud the suffering.
Rejoicing in celebration that permits otheres to agonize

Feeling desolate and sorrowful
Time stretches on endlessly
devising the battle too consuming to sustain.

The end seems hopelessly distant
consumed with tortouous agony.
Trying to endure this strife seems futile
When deep within the turmoil persists.

Can there be conclusion,
Will there be finality . . .
No one cares to perceive the answer.