School of Management

 Myriah Ruiz

My name is Myriah Ruiz and I have been attending University at Buffalo since the Fall of 2014. I am an Accounting Major and hope to enter into the CPA program here at UB after graduating in 2017. While here at UB, I hope to gain experience in accounting and business while enriching my knowledge of a career in accounting and how I can use this to better serve my community. I aspire to use the skills I gain here to operate my own business in the future.

If you would like to view some of my work, you can view a database and website I helped to create below.

Database Project Info: During the Spring 2015 semester, myself and a team of four others created a database to improve the efficiency of the warranty tracking system for Target. The system would essentially be used by Target employees to use customer and order information to search for warranty information for their own progress noting purposes as well as to be able to offer customers their information upon request. The system offers the business a way to achieve better customer service as well as to improve employee performance.

View the completed project here: Target Warranty Tracker Database
View the group website here: Project Website

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