Basic Rules

Players use mouse to control movement of the main character, which is interactive with movement of NPCs. The goal is to keep two NPCs as close as possible, but none of the characters touches any other character or the edges of the screen.

-Main Character: My Logo

-NPCs: Two balls

-Scores: Accumulation of product of time and distance

1nd Rule: Closer is Good

The closer the NPCs are, the higher score the players obtain.

2nd Rule: No Phisical Contacts

Game ends if any character has phisical contact with other charater or the edges of the screen

3rd Rule: Must Move in every Second

Players have to move their mouse in 1 second. If the main character stop moving for over 1 second, the score will be reset to 0 without warning. Round is not over if you break this rule, players can continue playing.

(Demo doesn't show this rule, since I have trouble displaying scores.)


1.If main character is far from both NPCs, both NPCs will approach the main character; since the target destination of NPCs will be between. Vise Verse.

2.If main character and two NPCs are on the same line, NPCs will move toward the same direction and maintain distance.

3.If main character go through the gap between NPCs, the action sepeartes the NPCs. Notice: if you touch any NPC with the main character, the game will end.

4.NPCs may freeze, if you don't move their mouse while NPCs are in certain positions. Altought the score will reset to 0 if you use this glitch for advantage, you can still try it if you are condifent to perfectly calulate the time. You have to end the game to find out are you successful done it.