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  Michael Wehar, PhD Student

Michael Wehar
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Research Interests: Automata, Formal Languages, Complexity, and Logic.
- Please feel free to contact me if you would like to collaborate.
- Email: mwehar [at symbol] buffalo [dot] edu

My Side Projects: Here


Active Papers:

Intersection Non-Emptiness for Tree Shaped Finite Automata
    Download Draft (Feb. 2016), Slides from related talks at UB, RIT, Waterloo, IBM, and CTW'15

Completed Papers:

Shortest Paths in One-Counter Systems (with D. Chistikov, W. Czerwinski, P. Hofman, and M. Pilipczuk)
    Download (FoSSaCS 2016), Download from Arxiv

On the Complexity of Intersecting Regular, Context-free, and Tree Languages (with J. Swernofsky)
    Download, ICALP 2015: Slides

Hardness Results for Intersection Non-Emptiness
    Download, ICALP 2014: Slides

Intersection Emptiness for Finite Automata
    Honors Thesis, Gödel's Lost Letter
    * Honors Thesis is outdated. The results were significantly refined and improved in the ICALP 2014 publication.

Paused Papers:

Fixed Parameter Inductive Inference
    Research with Manuel Blum (Summer 2013), Download Draft, Additional Discussion

Gödel's Theorem Fails for Pi_1 Axiomatizations
    Nested Proof Predicates, Download Draft


Miscellaneous Projects:

Active     A Brief Guide to Self-Referential Programs

Completed     Time Lapse Painting: Pittsburgh

Completed     Video Game Mixtape

Paused     SharingReligion.com

Paused     Mathematical Logic Tools and Games


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