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  • Michael Vaiana
  • University at Buffalo
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  • Office 205 Math Building
  • OH: Tues 5-6, Weds 5-6

About Meface

Hi, I'm Mike, a Computational Data Science and Engineering Ph.D student at the University at Buffalo. I have a strong background in pure mathematics and a passion for data driven research. Besides my academic interests I enjoy outdoor activites like hiking, snowboarding and biking. I also have a life long love and appreciation for music and global empathy.


My interests include network theory, topological data analysis, image analysis and functional neuroscience, My thesis work is in multilayer network theory with applications to functional neural networks and applied topology for image and data analysis. I am interested in detecting small temporally defined clusters of neurons which drive or inhibit brain state. One main challenge of neuro-functional clustering is that neuron firing patterns can change over time and especially with brain state. Detecting these time/state dependent functional neuron assemblies is a main thrust of my thesis.


Most Recent Talk
  • 2016 Topological Data Analysis with Applications in Neuroscience, University at Buffalo

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  • 2017 Computational Data Science and Engineering Fellowship ($5,000)
  • 2016 Princeton University Neural Technologies for Analysis of Neural Dynamics Support ($3,200)
  • 2016 Computational Data Science and Engineering Fellowship ($5,000)
  • 2014 Workshop Funding: New Directions in Lie Theory ($1,000)
  • 2014 Mathematics Department Retention Incentive ($350)
  • 2012 Geneseo Excellence in Mathematics Award


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I have been an active member of the University at Buffalo mathematics department for the last 3 years. My positions have included Mathematics Graduate Student Association (Math GSA) President and Vice President. I am also the founder and organizer of the Math Department Graduate Lecture Series. is a website I built in 2010 to teach basic college mathematics. Since then it has grown and my materials are being used in high school and college classes around the world.