Lab 4: Leaflet

For this lab, Leaflet and GEOJson were used to complete three slippy maps. Each map uses base maps from other sources (i.e. Stamen, OpenStreetMap).

The above map was created using Leaflet open source GIS. The map shows an inverted teardrop designating UB North Campus. The point was created by inserting correct Lat and Long values into the code. The base map is provided by Stamen Design.

The above map was also created with Leaflet, but incorporates GEOJson point data. Vacant property point data were downloaded and converted to GEOJson file format from within QGis. A Pop-up tool tips menu was added to give information regarding the value of each vacant propery within Buffalo, NY. The base map is provided by OpenMapSurfer.

The above map also was created with Leaflet, but incorporates line data as opposed to points. The map shows bicycle paths in Boston, MA. Tiles are provided by MAPC; data are provided by MassGIS.