Lab 1: Tilemill

This lab used tilemill with the USGS earthquake api for all earthquakes in the past week above a magnitude of 2.5. This was uploaded and hosted by mapbox studio.

This map was completed using 'Tilemill' and then exported to my 'Mapbox' online account. All map functions and visual attributes were modified within Tilemill. This was done by editting the CSS within the MSS programming window within Tilemill. Earthquake data were imported from an excel document, and visulized as point data. Changes in the CSS were also applied to these data to make the map more intuitve and visually appealing. Finally, the map was uploaded to Mapbox from Tilemill, were both 'layer' and 'style' features were published to create this web-accessable map.

To learn more about Mapbox click here.