Something interesting. HI i'm megan and i want " andy."

go to my second page Mullets!!
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Reasons to go to UB
  • the great food--cajun fry
  • helgi...what else can i say??
  • sigma sigma taco
  • peaches and cream

I'd like to dedicate this website to...
  • The Honors Office...for their support and guidance (especially Dr. Capuana
  • My Mom and My Dad who could probably never find this website hey wanted to
  • Sara and your prom dress and the gay guy in the dress shop
  • Mikey...what's can i say i gets biiiizzzayy
  • Shanamahan and Davie and guys are the man...IT PUTS THE LOTION ON...canadia
  • Travie and Kier and Kristin and Ann...I miss you guys a lot
  • The Stewart Family for all those good meals
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