Hello! My name is Maxwell.

I am born and raised in Buffalo, NY. The Buffalo Bills the best yet, worst football team ever! HAHA!...

This is my website:

Isn't it the coolest?!

I will become better at this!

I hope you enjoyed it!

MFC 215 assignments:
Class Assignments Due Date Completed?
Introduction February 5th YES
Home Page February 19th YES
CSS Pages February 26th YES
Table Web Page March 5th YES
HTML5/Css Page March 6th YES
Modify Your Home Page Using Divs March 19th YES
What Makes a Good Website March 19th YES
Form Web Page April 9th YES
Special Effects Using CSS April 2nd In Progress
Multimedia Web Site April 16th In Progress
JavaScript Web Page April 23rd In Progress
JavaScript Validation to Your Web Form Page April 30th In Progress
HTML5 "Wow Me!" Final May 7th In Progress
  1. Homepage
  2. CSS pages
  3. Table Web Page
  4. HTML5/Css Page
  5. Modify your homepage using Divs
  6. What Makes a Good Website
  7. Modified Home Page Using Divs
  8. Special Effects Page
  9. Form Page
  10. Multimedia Page
  11. JavaScript Page
  12. HTML5 "Wow Me" Final
  13. Essay/Presentation