Hello!! My name is Maxwell Purpera.

Max and Emma

(Above is me and my beautiful girlfriend.)

I graduated from UB with a BS in Business Management with a concentration in Financial analysis in 2012, but decided to come back to UB last semester to follow my true dream of becoming a Mechanical Engineer. I have taken CSE 113 (Intro to Programming) back in 2010 and also took EAS 230 (Engineering Computations) last semester. I did very well in both classes and have always had a great interest in learning web design. I am very excited to start this course and continue my programming education.

Font Faces Font Sizes Color
Comic Sans MS 32 pt RED
Times New Roman 28 pt BLUE
Arial 22 pt Black
Calibri 18 pt Pink
Almonte Snow 16 pt Purple
Woodcut 12 pt White

MFC 215 assignments: