Hello!! My name is Maxwell Purpera.

Max and Emma

(Above is me and my beautiful girlfriend.)

I graduated from UB with a BS in Business Management with a concentration in Financial analysis in 2012, but decided to come back to UB last semester to follow my true dream of becoming a Mechanical Engineer. I have taken CSE 113 (Intro to Programming) back in 2010 and also took EAS 230 (Engineering Computations) last semester. I did very well in both classes and have always had a great interest in learning web design. I am very excited to start this course and continue my programming education.

MFC 215 assignments:

~Create a basic web page that meets the criteria posted on UBLearns. (This is my original homepage).
CSS pages: Inline CCS Page | Embedded CCS Page | Linked CCS Page
~Create four (4) new files: Three (3) new web pages and one (1) external CSS file that meet the criteria posted on UBLearns.
Table Web Page
~Create a Table Web Page that meets the criteria posted on UBLearns.
HTML5/Css Page
~Copy your current CSS Embedded web page (embedded.html) to a new html5.html web page. You can (and should) use the W3c validator page to verify your code and to verify your CSS styles.
Modify your homepage using Divs
~Copy your index.html file to a new file called index_old.html. Then you will modify your index.html. Your new home page should meet the criteria posted on UBLearns.
What Makes a Good Website
~Browse the web and identify what you feel is a well designed (Good) web site and a poorly designed (Bad) web site. Then post a well composed thread about why you feel this way about these two sites.
Special Effects Page
~Copy your Web Page (index.html) to create a new web page (cssse.html). Then modify your new cssse.html and your original mfc215.css file to add the features posted on UBLearns.
Form Page
~Create a new web page, for example called form.html. This web page should utilize the HTML tags posted on UBLearns.
Multimedia Page
~Create a new web site of four (4) pages, for example multimedia.html, audio.html, video.html, and scrolling.html. Your Multimedia Assignment new web site should open up a new web page that utilizes hypertext links to allow me to visit your three (3) web pages.
JavaScript Page
~Create a new web page file, for example called javascript.html, in your account just as you did in previous assignments. This web page should use JavaScript functions to meet the criteria listed on UBLearns.
Validation Form Page
~Create a new web page file, for example called validation.html. This web page should build on your Web Page Form Assignment and use JavaScript functions to include the criteria listed on UBLearns.
HTML5 "Wow Me" Final
~Create a new set of web pages with appropriate additions to your mfc215.css, that show off what you may have learned about HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript outside of this course.
Essay/Presentation (Extra Credit)
~Write an Essay summarizing the guiding principles in that book. Your essay will be developed in Microsoft Word and contain a cover page along with your 500 word essay. You will also create a PowerPoint presentation with a welcome slide, at least 5 additional slides covering the guiding principles of the book and a final slide with your contact information. You will create a web page that follows the guiding principles of Don't Make Me Think. This we page will contain a well designed navigation to your home page and each of the other Assignments. This page will also contain links to your Essay Word document and Presentation PowerPoint slide show.