I am a PhD candidate in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at the University at Buffalo working on sustainable design and manufacturing topic under supervision of Dr. Sara Behdad. Before joining Dr. Behdad's research lab, I was a member of Missouri Industrial Assessment Center directed by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Assessment of Energy Consumption, Design for Product End of Life Recovery, Life Cycle Decision Making, and Design of New Service Business Models are among my research interests. Over the past two years, my research was focused on understanding consumer behavior and decisions in dealing with end-of-use products, particularly electronic waste. Collaboration with partners from remanufacturing industry provided me an opportunity to conduct several empirical studies on the role of product design features on consumer product storing and reuse behavior. Knowing the amount of time that consumers keep their EoL/U products in storage, understanding the consumer intention to participate in take-back programs, reusability assessment of returned electronics, investigating the role of products design (specifically their repairability) on the future purchase decisions by consumers, and (re)marketing strategies based on products repairability have been the focus of my research.


University at Buffalo, the State University of New York

PhD Candidate, Industrial and Systems Engineering(Expected 2017)

Advisor: Dr. Sara Behdad

Concentration in Operations Research

Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology

MSc, Industrial and System Engineering(2011)

Advisor: Dr. Hamid Shahriari

Dissertation Topic: Optimization of Finite Queuing System in a Manufacturing Plant

Iran University of Science and Technology

BSc, Industrial and System Engineering(2009)

Graduation project : Performance Evaluation of Various Ranking and Selection Methods in Simulation-based Comparisons

Working Experience

Graduate Researcher, Missouri Industrial Assessment Center, Missouri (2013-2014).

Strategy Planning Specialist, Amin Management Consulting Group, Tehran (2010-2011).